Investigative Services

American Legal Investigative Services specializes in various levels of background investigations for corporations and individuals both local and nation-wide. Due diligence requires a thorough inquiry into the background of an individual or entity being researched. Less complex inquiries can be handled quickly by verifying background information submitted by an applicant on a signed Authorized Release Form. International inquiries always require an Authorized Release Form. The cost of these services varies.


• Criminal Defense Investigations

  • • Interview of witnesses in criminal and civil litigation cases
  • • Locating out-of-state witnesses or family member
  • • Surveillance


These services include, but are not limited to:

  • • Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle – certified copies of license verification, registered vehicles and copies of Public Driving records.
    • Federal, State and District Court documents
    • Licensed database research
    • Media and social network searches
    • Building jacket searches for law firms and corporations


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